Spring 2016


A website redesign of MassArt that includes the student body’s voice.

UI*Responsive Web


Massachusetts College of Art and Design asked iFactory, a boston-based web design agency, to re-design massart.edu into a beautiful and functional site for parents, students, and faculty.

My contribution

I did visual design on a team alongside two visual designers and one UX researcher. I pitched art direction to our project stakeholders and created high-fidelity screens for desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes.


  • Photoshop

Diving in

With the project underway, I joined the visual design team to mock up visual concepts to see how far an art school would stretch their boundaries. Similar to concept cars, below are some of the concepts I created to see what style our client was looking to expand on. Since the client was an art school, I was particularly excited to see how open they would be to seeing out of the box ideas.

Pitching our work

After initial feedback from our clients, I, alongside two other designers, created homepage designs to pitch to both the incoming and outgoing presidents of MassArt, and to the students and faculty at two town halls.
Pitching allowed me great experience to stand up for my work and hear feedback from the users who will be visiting the site everyday. At each town hall, 30 to 60 students and faculty showed up to voice their opinion on our three options.

Moving forward in one direction

Once we solidified our concept, I moved forward with one other designer to create screens for key pages on the site. We created desktop, tablet, and mobile screens for each page to ensure our designs would display well on each size.
I shadowed the UX team as they iterated and tested their wireframes. Once they validated their directions, key pages would be given to the visual team to bring to high fidelity and show to our client.

Seeing the project through

I created a design specification to outline user interactions and ensure the developers had no questions when taking our design to code. As the pages were being developed, I performed quality assurance and logged tickets back to the dev team before the site was launched.
Our efforts led to these results:
increase in unique page views
more traffic
increase in time spent on key pages
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